Principal Component Analysis on the Philippine Health Data

02/21/2019 ∙ by Marites F. Carillo, et al. ∙ 0

This study was conducted to determine the structures of a set of n correlated variables and creates a new set of uncorrelated indices which are the underlying components of the Philippine health data.The data utilized in this study was the 2009 Philippine Health Data which was made available by National Statistical Coordination Board(NSCB) in its 2009 publication.The publication contains the health data of 81 provinces of the Philippines consisting of ten system-related determinants which was considered as the variables in this study. From the ten health system-related determinants, it was found out that there are three significant underlying components that could summarize the Philippine health data. The first component was named as importance of safe water supply and emphasis on child heat while the second and third component were named as importance of Barangay Health Stations, government health workers and emphasis on pregnant women's health and emphasis on women's health, respectively. These three components jointly account for a total of 73.01 the total variance explained by the component.



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