Primer – A Tool for Testing Honeypot Measures of Effectiveness

by   Jason M. Pittman, et al.

Honeypots are a deceptive technology used to capture malicious activity. The technology is useful for studying attacker behavior, tools, and techniques but can be difficult to implement and maintain. Historically, a lack of measures of effectiveness prevented researchers from assessing honeypot implementations. The consequence being ineffective implementations leading to poor performance, flawed imitation of legitimate services, and premature discovery by attackers. Previously, we developed a taxonomy for measures of effectiveness in dynamic honeypot implementations. The measures quantify a dynamic honeypot's effectiveness in fingerprinting its environment, capturing valid data from adversaries, deceiving adversaries, and intelligently monitoring itself and its surroundings. As a step towards developing automated effectiveness testing, this work introduces a tool for priming a target honeypot for evaluation. We outline the design of the tool and provide results in the form of quantitative calibration data.



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