Prevention Of Attack In Vehicular Adhoc Network Using Trust Model

by   Revanth V S, et al.

Vehicular ad hoc networks is a modern technology that holds an important aspect in the transportation domain due to its abilities to increase traffic efficiency and safety. It is a another variant of Mobile ad-hoc networks that provides Vehicles to Vehicles (V2V), Rode-side Unit to Road-side Unit(R2R) and Vehicles to road-side Unit (V2R) communication.VANET is a multidimensional network in which the vehicles ceaselessly alter their locations. Connected vehicles broadcast sensitive information which must be communicated with the neighbors in a safe and established environment. VANET may also contain dishonest nodes such as man in -the-middle attackers that aim to distribute and share malicious content with the vehicles, thus contaminating the network with secure information. In this situation implementing a trust among connected vehicles can raise security as every participating vehicle will create and propagate authentic, accurate,and trusted content within the network.In this paper we used a trust model to determine the trust level and eliminate the malicious nodes.We created a simulation for calculating the trust level and eliminating the malicious node in the wireless ad hoc networks using ns2 simulator and network animator(nam).The simulation results showed a better bandwidth in communication between the nodes after the trust level is updated


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