Preventing Personal Data Theft in Images with Adversarial ML

by   Thomas Cilloni, et al.

Facial recognition tools are becoming exceptionally accurate in identifying people from images. However, this comes at the cost of privacy for users of online services with photo management (e.g. social media platforms). Particularly troubling is the ability to leverage unsupervised learning to recognize faces even when the user has not labeled their images. This is made simpler by modern facial recognition tools, such as FaceNet, that use encoders to generate low dimensional embeddings that can be clustered to learn previously unknown faces. In this paper, we propose a strategy to generate non-invasive noise masks to apply to facial images for a newly introduced user, yielding adversarial examples and preventing the formation of identifiable clusters in the embedding space. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our method by showing that various classification and clustering methods cannot reliably cluster the adversarial examples we generate.



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