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Preserving Semantics in Textual Adversarial Attacks

by   David Herel, et al.
Czech Technical University in Prague

Adversarial attacks in NLP challenge the way we look at language models. The goal of this kind of adversarial attack is to modify the input text to fool a classifier while maintaining the original meaning of the text. Although most existing adversarial attacks claim to fulfill the constraint of semantics preservation, careful scrutiny shows otherwise. We show that the problem lies in the text encoders used to determine the similarity of adversarial examples, specifically in the way they are trained. Unsupervised training methods make these encoders more susceptible to problems with antonym recognition. To overcome this, we introduce a simple, fully supervised sentence embedding technique called Semantics-Preserving-Encoder (SPE). The results show that our solution minimizes the variation in the meaning of the adversarial examples generated. It also significantly improves the overall quality of adversarial examples, as confirmed by human evaluators. Furthermore, it can be used as a component in any existing attack to speed up its execution while maintaining similar attack success.


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