Prediction of Industrial Process Parameters using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

by   Abdelmoula Khdoudi, et al.

In the present paper, a method of defining the industrial process parameters for a new product using machine learning algorithms will be presented. The study will describe how to go from the product characteristics till the prediction of the suitable machine parameters to produce a good quality of this product, and this is based on an historical training dataset of similar products with their respective process parameters. In the first part of our study, we will focus on the ultrasonic welding process definition, welding parameters and on how it operate. While in second part, we present the design and implementation of the prediction models such multiple linear regression, support vector regression, and we compare them to an artificial neural networks algorithm. In the following part, we present a new application of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) to the industrial process parameters prediction. In addition, we will propose the generalization approach of our CNN to any prediction problem of industrial process parameters. Finally the results of the four methods will be interpreted and discussed.



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