Predicting Cyber-Attack using Cyber Situational Awareness: The Case of Independent Power Producers (IPPs)

by   Henry Matey Akwetey, et al.

The increasing critical dependencies on Internetof-Things (IoT) have raised security concerns; its application on the critical infrastructures (CIs) for power generation has come under massive cyber-attack over the years. Prior research efforts to understand cybersecurity from Cyber Situational Awareness (CSA) perspective fail to critically consider the various Cyber Situational Awareness (CSA) security vulnerabilities from a human behavioural perspective in line with the CI. This study evaluates CSA elements to predict cyber-attacks in the power generation sector. Data for this research article was collected from IPPs using the survey method. The analysis method was employed through Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) to assess the proposed model. The results revealed negative effects on people and cyber-attack, but significant in predicting cyber-attacks. The study also indicated that information handling is significant and positively influences cyber-attack. The study also reveals no mediation effect between the association of People and Attack and Information and Attack. It could result from an effective cyber security control implemented by the IPPs. Finally, the study also shows no sign of network infrastructure cyber-attack predictions. The reasons could be because managers of IPPs had adequate access policies and security measures in place.


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