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Pre-trained Language Model for Biomedical Question Answering

by   Wonjin Yoon, et al.
Korea University

The recent success of question answering systems is largely attributed to pre-trained language models. However, as language models are mostly pre-trained on general domain corpora such as Wikipedia, they often have difficulty in understanding biomedical questions. In this paper, we investigate the performance of BioBERT, a pre-trained biomedical language model, in answering biomedical questions including factoid, list, and yes/no type questions. BioBERT uses almost the same structure across various question types and achieved the best performance in the 7th BioASQ Challenge (Task 7b, Phase B). BioBERT pre-trained on SQuAD or SQuAD 2.0 easily outperformed previous state-of-the-art models. BioBERT obtains the best performance when it uses the appropriate pre-/post-processing strategies for questions, passages, and answers.


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Pre-trained Language Model for Biomedical Question Answering

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