PRE-render Content Using Tiles (PRECUT). 1. Large-Scale Compound-Target Relationship Analyses

by   Sung Jin Cho, et al.

Visualizing a complex network is computationally intensive process and depends heavily on the number of components in the network. One way to solve this problem is not to render the network in real time. PRE-render Content Using Tiles (PRECUT) is a process to convert any complex network into a pre-rendered network. Tiles are generated from pre-rendered images at different zoom levels, and navigating the network simply becomes delivering relevant tiles. PRECUT is exemplified by performing large-scale compound-target relationship analyses. Matched molecular pair (MMP) networks were created using compounds and the target class description found in the ChEMBL database. To visualize MMP networks, the MMP network viewer has been implemented in COMBINE and as a web application, hosted at



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