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#PraCegoVer: A Large Dataset for Image Captioning in Portuguese

Automatically describing images using natural sentences is an important task to support visually impaired people's inclusion onto the Internet. It is still a big challenge that requires understanding the relation of the objects present in the image and their attributes and actions they are involved in. Then, visual interpretation methods are needed, but linguistic models are also necessary to verbally describe the semantic relations. This problem is known as Image Captioning. Although many datasets were proposed in the literature, the majority contains only English captions, whereas datasets with captions described in other languages are scarce. Recently, a movement called PraCegoVer arose on the Internet, stimulating users from social media to publish images, tag #PraCegoVer and add a short description of their content. Thus, inspired by this movement, we have proposed the #PraCegoVer, a multi-modal dataset with Portuguese captions based on posts from Instagram. It is the first large dataset for image captioning in Portuguese with freely annotated images. Further, the captions in our dataset bring additional challenges to the problem: first, in contrast to popular datasets such as MS COCO Captions, #PraCegoVer has only one reference to each image; also, both mean and variance of our reference sentence length are significantly greater than those in the MS COCO Captions. These two characteristics contribute to making our dataset interesting due to the linguistic aspect and the challenges that it introduces to the image captioning problem. We publicly-share the dataset at


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