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PPT-SASMM: Scalable Analytical Shared Memory Model: Predicting the Performance of Multicore Caches from a Single-Threaded Execution Trace

by   Atanu Barai, et al.

Performance modeling of parallel applications on multicore processors remains a challenge in computational co-design due to multicore processors' complex design. Multicores include complex private and shared memory hierarchies. We present a Scalable Analytical Shared Memory Model (SASMM). SASMM can predict the performance of parallel applications running on a multicore. SASMM uses a probabilistic and computationally-efficient method to predict the reuse distance profiles of caches in multicores. SASMM relies on a stochastic, static basic block-level analysis of reuse profiles. The profiles are calculated from the memory traces of applications that run sequentially rather than using multi-threaded traces. The experiments show that our model can predict private L1 cache hit rates with 2.12 error rate.


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