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Power Law Graph Transformer for Machine Translation and Representation Learning

by   Burc Gokden, et al.

We present the Power Law Graph Transformer, a transformer model with well defined deductive and inductive tasks for prediction and representation learning. The deductive task learns the dataset level (global) and instance level (local) graph structures in terms of learnable power law distribution parameters. The inductive task outputs the prediction probabilities using the deductive task output, similar to a transductive model. We trained our model with Turkish-English and Portuguese-English datasets from TED talk transcripts for machine translation and compared the model performance and characteristics to a transformer model with scaled dot product attention trained on the same experimental setup. We report BLEU scores of 17.79 and 28.33 on the Turkish-English and Portuguese-English translation tasks with our model, respectively. We also show how a duality between a quantization set and N-dimensional manifold representation can be leveraged to transform between local and global deductive-inductive outputs using successive application of linear and non-linear transformations end-to-end.


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Implementation of Power Law Graph Transformer for Machine Translation and Representation Learning.

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A framework for generating subword vocabulary from a tensorflow dataset and building custom BERT tokenizer models.

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A framework for training and evaluating a transformer with scaled dot product attention on a tensorflow dataset.

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