Power Beacon Placement for Maximizing Guaranteed Coverage in Bistatic Backscatter Networks

by   Xiaolun Jia, et al.

The bistatic backscatter architecture enables flexible deployment opportunities for backscatter devices by extending communication range. In this paper, we study the placement of power beacons (PBs) in bistatic backscatter networks to maximize the guaranteed coverage distance (GCD), defined as the distance from the reader within which the backscatter devices are able to satisfy a given quality-of-service constraint. This work departs from conventional energy source placement problems by considering the performance of the additional backscatter link on top of the energy transfer link. We adopt and optimize a symmetric PB placement scheme to maximize the GCD. The optimal PB placement under this scheme is obtained using either analytically tractable expressions or an efficient algorithm. Numerical results provide useful insights into the impacts of various system parameters on the PB placement and the resulting GCD, plus the advantages of the adopted symmetric placement scheme over other benchmark schemes.


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