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Power Allocation in Multi-User Cellular Networks: Deep Reinforcement Learning Approaches

by   Fan Meng, et al.
Southeast University
The University of British Columbia

The model-based power allocation algorithm has been investigated for decades, but it requires the mathematical models to be analytically tractable and it usually has high computational complexity. Recently, the data-driven model-free machine learning enabled approaches are being rapidly developed to obtain near-optimal performance with affordable computational complexity, and deep reinforcement learning (DRL) is regarded as of great potential for future intelligent networks. In this paper, the DRL approaches are considered for power control in multi-user wireless communication cellular networks. Considering the cross-cell cooperation, the off-line/on-line centralized training and the distributed execution, we present a mathematical analysis for the DRL-based top-level design. The concrete DRL design is further developed based on this foundation, and policy-based REINFORCE, value-based deep Q learning (DQL), actor-critic deep deterministic policy gradient (DDPG) algorithms are proposed. Simulation results show that the proposed data-driven approaches outperform the state-of-art model-based methods on sum-rate performance, with good generalization power and faster processing speed. Furthermore, the proposed DDPG outperforms the REINFORCE and DQL in terms of both sum-rate performance and robustness, and can be incorporated into existing resource allocation schemes due to its generality.


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