Potential Key Technologies for 6G Mobile Communications

by   Yifei Yuan, et al.

5G wireless standard development culminated between 2017 and 2019. The followed world-wide deployment of 5G networks is expected to bring very high data rate for enhanced mobile broadband, to support ultra reliable and low latency services and to be able to accommodate massive number of connections. Research attention is now shifted to future generation of wireless, for instance, beyond 5G or 6G. Unlike previous papers which discuss in-length about the use cases, deployment scenarios or new network architectures of 6G, this paper focuses on a few potential technologies for 6G wireless communications, all of which represent fundamental breakthrough at the physical layer – technical hardcore of any new generation of wireless. Some of them, such as holographic radio, terahertz communication, large intelligent surface and orbital angular momentum are of revolutionary nature and many related studies are still at the stage of scientific exploration. Some other technical areas like advanced channel coding/modulation, visible light communication and advanced duplex, while having been studied, may find wide application in 6G.


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