Postdisaster image-based damage detection and repair cost estimation of reinforced concrete buildings using dual convolutional neural networks

by   Xiao Pan, et al.

Reinforced concrete buildings are commonly used around the world. With recent earthquakes worldwide, rapid structural damage inspection and repair cost evaluation are crucial for building owners and policy makers to make informed risk management decisions. To improve the efficiency of such inspection, advanced computer vision techniques based on convolution neural networks have been adopted in recent research to rapidly quantify the damage state of structures. In this paper, an advanced object detection neural network, named YOLO-v2, is implemented which achieves 98.2 training and testing, respectively. The proposed YOLO-v2 is used in combination with the classification neural network, which improves the identification accuracy for critical damage state of reinforced concrete structures by 7.5 The improved classification procedures allow engineers to rapidly and more accurately quantify the damage states of the structure, and also localize the critical damage features. The identified damage state can then be integrated with the state-of-the-art performance evaluation framework to quantify the financial losses of critical reinforced concrete buildings. The results can be used by the building owners and decision makers to make informed risk management decisions immediately after the strong earthquake shaking. Hence, resources can be allocated rapidly to improve the resiliency of the community.


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