Post-war Civil War Propaganda Techniques and Media Spins in Nigeria and Journalism Practice

by   Bolu John Folayan, et al.

In public relations and political communication, a spin is a form of propaganda achieved through knowingly presenting a biased interpretation of an event or issues. It is also the act of presenting narratives to influence public opinion about events, people or and ideas. In war time, various forms of spins are employed by antagonists to push their brigades to victory and wear out the opponents. During the Nigerian civil war, quite a number of these spins were dominant for example GOWON (Go On With One Nigeria); On Aburi We Stand, O Le Ku Ija Ore. Post-war years presented different spins and fifty years after the war, different spins continue to push emerging narratives (e.g. marginalization, restructuring. This paper investigates and analyzes the different propaganda techniques and spins in the narratives of the Nigerian civil in the past five years through a content analysis of three national newspapers: The Nigerian Tribune, Daily Trust and Sun Newspapers. Findings confirm that propaganda and spins are not limited to war time, but are actively deployed in peace time. This development places additional challenge on journalists to uphold the canons of balance, truth and fairness in reporting sensitive national issues.


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