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Post-Training Quantization for Energy Efficient Realization of Deep Neural Networks

by   Cecilia Latotzke, et al.

The biggest challenge for the deployment of Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) close to the generated data on edge devices is their size, i.e., memory footprint and computational complexity. Both are significantly reduced with quantization. With the resulting lower word-length, the energy efficiency of DNNs increases proportionally. However, lower word-length typically causes accuracy degradation. To counteract this effect, the quantized DNN is retrained. Unfortunately, training costs up to 5000x more energy than the inference of the quantized DNN. To address this issue, we propose a post-training quantization flow without the need for retraining. For this, we investigated different quantization options. Furthermore, our analysis systematically assesses the impact of reduced word-lengths of weights and activations revealing a clear trend for the choice of word-length. Both aspects have not been systematically investigated so far. Our results are independent of the depth of the DNNs and apply to uniform quantization, allowing fast quantization of a given pre-trained DNN. We excel state-of-the-art for 6 bit by 2.2 ImageNet. Without retraining, our quantization to 8 bit surpasses floating-point accuracy.


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