Positivity-preserving finite difference WENO scheme for Ten-Moment equations with source term

by   Asha Kumari Meena, et al.

We develop a positivity-preserving finite difference WENO scheme for the Ten-Moment equations with body forces acting as a source in the momentum and energy equations. A positive forward Euler scheme under a CFL condition is first constructed which is combined with an operator splitting approach together with an integrating factor, strong stability preserving Runge-Kutta scheme. The positivity of the forward Euler scheme is obtained under a CFL condition by using a scaling type limiter, while the solution of the source operator is performed exactly and is positive without any restriction on the time step. The proposed method can be used with any WENO reconstruction scheme and we demonstrate it with fifth order accurate WENO-JS, WENO-Z and WENO-AO schemes. An adaptive CFL strategy is developed which can be more efficient than the use of reduced CFL for positivity preservation. Numerical results show that high order accuracy and positivity preservation are achieved on a range of test problems.



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