Portfolio Search and Optimization for General Strategy Game-Playing

by   Alexander Dockhorn, et al.

Portfolio methods represent a simple but efficient type of action abstraction which has shown to improve the performance of search-based agents in a range of strategy games. We first review existing portfolio techniques and propose a new algorithm for optimization and action-selection based on the Rolling Horizon Evolutionary Algorithm. Moreover, a series of variants are developed to solve problems in different aspects. We further analyze the performance of discussed agents in a general strategy game-playing task. For this purpose, we run experiments on three different game-modes of the Stratega framework. For the optimization of the agents' parameters and portfolio sets we study the use of the N-tuple Bandit Evolutionary Algorithm. The resulting portfolio sets suggest a high diversity in play-styles while being able to consistently beat the sample agents. An analysis of the agents' performance shows that the proposed algorithm generalizes well to all game-modes and is able to outperform other portfolio methods.


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