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Port-Hamiltonian Fluid-Structure Interaction Modeling and Structure-Preserving Model Order Reduction of a Classical Guitar

by   Johannes Rettberg, et al.

A fluid-structure interaction model in a port-Hamiltonian representation is derived for a classical guitar. We combine the laws of continuum mechanics for solids and fluids within a unified port-Hamiltonian (pH) modeling approach by adapting the discretized equations on second-order level in order to obtain a damped multi-physics model. The high-dimensionality of the resulting system is reduced by model order reduction. The article focuses on pH-systems in different state transformations, a variety of basis generation techniques as well as structure-preserving model order reduction approaches that are independent from the projection basis. As main contribution a thorough comparison of these method combinations is conducted. In contrast to typical frequency-based simulations in acoustics, transient time simulations of the system are presented. The approach is embedded into a straightforward workflow of sophisticated commercial software modeling and flexible in-house software for multi-physics coupling and model order reduction.


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