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Pointers in Recursion: Exploring the Tropics

by   Paulin Jacobé de Naurois, et al.
Université Paris 13

We translate the usual class of partial/primitive recursive functions to a pointer recursion framework, accessing actual input values via a pointer reading unit-cost function. These pointer recursive functions classes are proven equivalent to the usual partial/primitive recursive functions. Complexity-wise, this framework captures in a streamlined way most of the relevant sub-polynomial classes. Pointer recursion with the safe/normal tiering discipline of Bellantoni and Cook corresponds to polylogtime computation. We introduce a new, non-size increasing tiering discipline, called tropical tiering. Tropical tiering and pointer recursion, used with some of the most common recursion schemes, capture the classes logspace, logspace/polylogtime, ptime, and NC. Finally, in a fashion reminiscent of the safe recursive functions, tropical tiering is expressed directly in the syntax of the function algebras, yielding the tropical recursive function algebras.


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