Pluggable Social Artificial Intelligence for Enabling Human-Agent Teaming

by   J. van Diggelen, et al.

As intelligent systems are increasingly capable of performing their tasks without the need for continuous human input, direction, or supervision, new human-machine interaction concepts are needed. A promising approach to this end is human-agent teaming, which envisions a novel interaction form where humans and machines behave as equal team partners. This paper presents an overview of the current state of the art in human-agent teaming, including the analysis of human-agent teams on five dimensions; a framework describing important teaming functionalities; a technical architecture, called SAIL, supporting social human-agent teaming through the modular implementation of the human-agent teaming functionalities; a technical implementation of the architecture; and a proof-of-concept prototype created with the framework and architecture. We conclude this paper with a reflection on where we stand and a glance into the future showing the way forward.



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