Plattformen und neue Technologien im Journalismus: Ergebnisse einer Online-Befragung von Journalistinnen und Journalisten in Deutschland

by   Benjamin Rech, et al.

In an online survey in December 2020, 385 journalists in Germany were surveyed about platforms in journalism and about their frequency of use and willingness to adopt emerging technologies. Journalists have a commitment to publish on a journalism platform on a full-time basis. Freelancers have a higher commitment than employed journalists. A platform subscription model is rated more attractive than advertising for a platform. Employed journalists on the other hand consider advertising more attractive than freelance journalists. For German journalists it is important that the platform is developed in Europe or Germany and that it sets high standards on data protection. Multimedia forms and interactive elements are used occasionally, often or always. Stories or Reels are predominantly not used. AI software as well as editorial analytics are rarely or never used. Apart from stories or reels, journalists intend to use multimedia forms and interactive elements more often in the future. They are receptive to software for research process documentation as well as to the analysis of indicators of their own publications. Software as a support for text production, image selection or headline suggestions is mostly rejected.



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