PL2: Towards Predictable Low Latency in Rack-Scale Networks

01/16/2021 ∙ by Yanfang Le, et al. ∙ 0

High performance rack-scale offerings package disaggregated pools of compute, memory and storage hardware in a single rack to run diverse workloads with varying requirements, including applications that need low and predictable latency. The intra-rack network is typically high speed Ethernet, which can suffer from congestion leading to packet drops and may not satisfy the stringent tail latency requirements for some workloads (including remote memory/storage accesses). In this paper, we design a Predictable Low Latency(PL2) network architecture for rack-scale systems with Ethernet as interconnecting fabric. PL2 leverages programmable Ethernet switches to carefully schedule packets such that they incur no loss with NIC and switch queues maintained at small, near-zero levels. In our 100 Gbps rack-prototype, PL2 keeps 99th-percentile memcached RPC latencies under 60us even when the RPCs compete with extreme offered-loads of 400 transfers for a machine learning training task complete 30 receiver-driven scheme implementation modeled after Homa (222ms vs 321ms 99 latency per iteration).



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