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pix2rule: End-to-end Neuro-symbolic Rule Learning

by   Nuri Cingillioglu, et al.

Humans have the ability to seamlessly combine low-level visual input with high-level symbolic reasoning often in the form of recognising objects, learning relations between them and applying rules. Neuro-symbolic systems aim to bring a unifying approach to connectionist and logic-based principles for visual processing and abstract reasoning respectively. This paper presents a complete neuro-symbolic method for processing images into objects, learning relations and logical rules in an end-to-end fashion. The main contribution is a differentiable layer in a deep learning architecture from which symbolic relations and rules can be extracted by pruning and thresholding. We evaluate our model using two datasets: subgraph isomorphism task for symbolic rule learning and an image classification domain with compound relations for learning objects, relations and rules. We demonstrate that our model scales beyond state-of-the-art symbolic learners and outperforms deep relational neural network architectures.


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