Pigment Adsorption Optimization in Various Low Cost Adsorbents

by   Odysseas Kopsidas, et al.

Abstract: The applications of adsorption are very important. The following is a list of some of the most common: using the adsorption effect we can achieve a high vacuum in cases of low temperature at which the adsorption of gases from solids is intense. Regarding, the gap we can achieve is in the range of 10-7 mmHg. Another very important application of adsorption is the separation of a mixture of gases from a certain adsorbent, which has a separate adsorption capacity for each gas. In this way it is possible to separate the noble gases, as well as gasoline and hexanes from oil. The experimental diagrams confirm the validity of the Freundlich equation for dilute solutions with low concentrations. At the same time, from the aggregate diagrams of the dilute solutions, listed above, we observe: for graph 1 concerning the adsorbent materials we used we observe that the capacity KF has a higher value for the ground cork while the lower one for olive ash. Also, for graph 2 regarding the adsorbent materials we used we observe the n of the isothermal Freundlich has a maximum for olive ash while a minimum has for two materials lentil straw and ground cork.



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