Piecewise Planar Hulls for Semi-Supervised Learning of 3D Shape and Pose from 2D Images

by   Yigit Baran Can, et al.

We study the problem of estimating 3D shape and pose of an object in terms of keypoints, from a single 2D image. The shape and pose are learned directly from images collected by categories and their partial 2D keypoint annotations.. In this work, we first propose an end-to-end training framework for intermediate 2D keypoints extraction and final 3D shape and pose estimation. The proposed framework is then trained using only the weak supervision of the intermediate 2D keypoints. Additionally, we devise a semi-supervised training framework that benefits from both labeled and unlabeled data. To leverage the unlabeled data, we introduce and exploit the piece-wise planar hull prior of the canonical object shape. These planar hulls are defined manually once per object category, with the help of the keypoints. On the one hand, the proposed method learns to segment these planar hulls from the labeled data. On the other hand, it simultaneously enforces the consistency between predicted keypoints and the segmented hulls on the unlabeled data. The enforced consistency allows us to efficiently use the unlabeled data for the task at hand. The proposed method achieves comparable results with fully supervised state-of-the-art methods by using only half of the annotations. Our source code will be made publicly available.


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