Phase Retrieval of Low-Rank Matrices by Anchored Regression

by   Kiryung Lee, et al.

We study the low-rank phase retrieval problem, where we try to recover a d_1× d_2 low-rank matrix from a series of phaseless linear measurements. This is a fourth-order inverse problem, as we are trying to recover factors of matrix that have been put through a quadratic nonlinearity after being multiplied together. We propose a solution to this problem using the recently introduced technique of anchored regression. This approach uses two different types of convex relaxations: we replace the quadratic equality constraints for the phaseless measurements by a search over a polytope, and enforce the rank constraint through nuclear norm regularization. The result is a convex program that works in the space of d_1× d_2 matrices. We analyze two specific scenarios. In the first, the target matrix is rank-1, and the observations are structured to correspond to a phaseless blind deconvolution. In the second, the target matrix has general rank, and we observe the magnitudes of the inner products against a series of independent Gaussian random matrices. In each of these problems, we show that the anchored regression program returns an accurate estimate from a near-optimal number of measurements given that we have access to an anchor vector of sufficient quality. We also show how to create such an anchor in the phaseless blind deconvolution problem, again from an optimal number of measurements, and present a partial result in this direction for the general rank problem.


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