PeSOA: Penguins Search Optimisation Algorithm for Global Optimisation Problems

by   Youcef Gheraibia, et al.

This paper develops Penguin search Optimisation Algorithm (PeSOA), a new metaheuristic algorithm which is inspired by the foraging behaviours of penguins. A population of penguins located in the solution space of the given search and optimisation problem is divided into groups and tasked with finding optimal solutions. The penguins of a group perform simultaneous dives and work as a team to collaboratively feed on fish the energy content of which corresponds to the fitness of candidate solutions. Fish stocks have higher fitness and concentration near areas of solution optima and thus drive the search. Penguins can migrate to other places if their original habitat lacks food. We identify two forms of penguin communication both intra-group and inter-group which are useful in designing intensification and diversification strategies. An efficient intensification strategy allows fast convergence to a local optimum, whereas an effective diversification strategy avoids cyclic behaviour around local optima and explores more effectively the space of potential solutions. The proposed PeSOA algorithm has been validated on a well-known set of benchmark functions. Comparative performances with six other nature-inspired metaheuristics show that the PeSOA performs favourably in these tests. A run-time analysis shows that the performance obtained by the PeSOA is very stable at any time of the evolution horizon, making the PeSOA a viable approach for real world applications.



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