Personalized Federated Learning: An Attentive Collaboration Approach

07/07/2020 ∙ by Yutao Huang, et al. ∙ 12

For the challenging computational environment of IOT/edge computing, personalized federated learning allows every client to train a strong personalized cloud model by effectively collaborating with the other clients in a privacy-preserving manner. The performance of personalized federated learning is largely determined by the effectiveness of inter-client collaboration. However, when the data is non-IID across all clients, it is challenging to infer the collaboration relationships between clients without knowing their data distributions. In this paper, we propose to tackle this problem by a novel framework named federated attentive message passing (FedAMP) that allows each client to collaboratively train its own personalized cloud model without using a global model. FedAMP implements an attentive collaboration mechanism by iteratively encouraging clients with more similar model parameters to have stronger collaborations. This adaptively discovers the underlying collaboration relationships between clients, which significantly boosts effectiveness of collaboration and leads to the outstanding performance of FedAMP. We establish the convergence of FedAMP for both convex and non-convex models, and further propose a heuristic method that resembles the FedAMP framework to further improve its performance for federated learning with deep neural networks. Extensive experiments demonstrate the superior performance of our methods in handling non-IID data, dirty data and dropped clients.



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