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Persistence Curves: A canonical framework for summarizing persistence diagrams

by   Yu-Min Chung, et al.

Persistence diagrams are a main tool in the field of Topological Data Analysis (TDA). They contain fruitful information about the shape of data. The use of machine learning algorithms on the space of persistence diagrams proves to be challenging as the space is complicated. For that reason, summarizing and vectorizing these diagrams is an important topic currently researched in TDA. In this work, we provide a general framework of summarizing diagrams that we call Persistence Curves (PC). The main idea is so-called Fundamental Lemma of Persistent Homology, which is derived from the classic elder rule. Under this framework, certain well-known summaries, such as persistent Betti numbers, and persistence landscape, are special cases of the PC. Moreover, we prove a rigorous bound for a general families of PCs. In particular, certain family of PCs admit the stability property under an additional assumption. Finally, we apply PCs to textures classification on four well-know texture datasets. The result outperforms several existing TDA methods.


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