Performance of CRC Concatenated Pre-transformed RM-Polar Codes

by   Bin Li, et al.

In this paper, we discuss pre-transformed RM-Polar codes and cyclic redundancy check (CRC) concatenated pre-transformed RM-Polar codes. The simulation results show that the pre-transformed RM-Polar (256, 128+9) code concatenated with 9-bit CRC can achieve a frame error rate (FER) of 0.001 at Eb/No=1.95dB under the list decoding, which is about 0.05dB from the RCU bound. The pre-transformed RM-Polar (512, 256+9) concatenated with 9-bit CRC can achieve a FER of 0.001 at Eb/No=1.6dB under the list decoding, which is 0.15dB from the RCU bound.


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