Performance comparison of an AI-based Adaptive Learning System in China

by   Wei Cui, et al.

Adaptive learning systems stand apart from traditional learning systems by offering a personalized learning experience to students according to their different knowledge states. Adaptive systems collect and analyse students' behavior data, update learner profiles, then accordingly provide timely individualized feedback to each student. Such interactions between the learning system and students can improve the engagement of students and the efficiency of learning. This paper evaluates the effectiveness of an adaptive learning system, "Yixue Squirrel AI" (or Yixue), on English and math learning in middle school. The effectiveness of the Yixue's math and English learning systems is respectively compared against (1) traditional classroom math instruction conducted by expert human teachers and (2) BOXFiSH, another adaptive learning platform for English language learning. Results suggest that students achieved better performance using Yixue adaptive learning system than both traditional classroom instruction by expert teachers and another adaptive learning platform.


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