Performance Analysis Of Neuro Genetic Algorithm Applied On Detecting Proportion Of Components In Manhole Gas Mixture

08/15/2012 ∙ by Varun Kumar Ojha, et al. ∙ 0

The article presents performance analysis of a real valued neuro genetic algorithm applied for the detection of proportion of the gases found in manhole gas mixture. The neural network (NN) trained using genetic algorithm (GA) leads to concept of neuro genetic algorithm, which is used for implementing an intelligent sensory system for the detection of component gases present in manhole gas mixture Usually a manhole gas mixture contains several toxic gases like Hydrogen Sulfide, Ammonia, Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide, and Carbon Monoxide. A semiconductor based gas sensor array used for sensing manhole gas components is an integral part of the proposed intelligent system. It consists of many sensor elements, where each sensor element is responsible for sensing particular gas component. Multiple sensors of different gases used for detecting gas mixture of multiple gases, results in cross-sensitivity. The cross-sensitivity is a major issue and the problem is viewed as pattern recognition problem. The objective of this article is to present performance analysis of the real valued neuro genetic algorithm which is applied for multiple gas detection.



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