Performance Analysis of Message Dissemination Techniques in VANET using Fog Computing

by   Anirudh Paranjothi, et al.

Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANET) is a derived subclass of Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET) with vehicles as mobile nodes. VANET facilitate vehicles to share safety and non-safety information through messages. Safety information includes road accidents, natural hazards, roadblocks, etc. Non-safety information includes tolling information, traveler information, etc. The main goal behind sharing this information is to enhance road safety and reduce road accidents by alerting the driver about the unexpected hazards. However, routing of messages in VANET is challenging due to packet delays arising from high mobility of vehicles, frequently changing topology and high density of vehicles, leading to frequent route breakages and packet losses. This report summarizes the performance analysis of safety and non-safety message dissemination techniques in VANET based on the fog computing technique. Three main metrics to improve the performance of message dissemination are: 1) delay, 2) probability of message delivery, and 3) throughput. Analysis of such metrics plays an important role to improve the performance of existing message dissemination techniques. Simulations are usually conducted based on the metrics using ns-2 and Java discrete event simulator. The above three performance metrics and results published in literature help one to understand and increase the performance of various message dissemination techniques in a VANET environment.



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