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Performance Analysis of Estimation of Distribution Algorithm and Genetic Algorithm in Zone Routing Protocol

by   Mst. Farhana Rahman, et al.

In this paper, Estimation of Distribution Algorithm (EDA) is used for Zone Routing Protocol (ZRP) in Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) instead of Genetic Algorithm (GA). It is an evolutionary approach, and used when the network size grows and the search space increases. When the destination is outside the zone, EDA is applied to find the route with minimum cost and time. The implementation of proposed method is compared with Genetic ZRP, i.e., GZRP and the result demonstrates better performance for the proposed method. Since the method provides a set of paths to the destination, it results in load balance to the network. As both EDA and GA use random search method to reach the optimal point, the searching cost reduced significantly, especially when the number of data is large.


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