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Performance analysis of continuous-variable quantum key distribution using non-Gaussian states

by   L. S. Aguiar, et al.
University of Campinas

In this study, we analyze the efficiency of a protocol with discrete modulation of continuous variable non-Gaussian states, the coherent states having one photon added and then one photon subtracted (PASCS). We calculate the secure key generation rate against collective attacks using the fact that Eve's information can be bounded based on the protocol with Gaussian modulation, which in turn is unconditionally secure. Our results for a four-state protocol show that the PASCS always outperforms the equivalent coherent states protocol under the same environmental conditions. Interestingly, we find that for the protocol using discrete-modulated PASCS, the noisier the line, the better will be its performance compared to the protocol using coherent states. Thus, our proposal proves to be advantageous for performing quantum key distribution in non-ideal situations.


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