Performance Analysis of Automotive SAR With Radar Based Motion Estimation

by   Oded Bialer, et al.

Automotive synthetic aperture radar (SAR) can achieve a significant angular resolution enhancement for detecting static objects, which is essential for automated driving. Obtaining high resolution SAR images requires precise ego vehicle velocity estimation. A small velocity estimation error can result in a focused SAR image with objects at offset angles. In this paper, we consider an automotive SAR system that produces SAR images of static objects based on ego vehicle velocity estimation from the radar return signal without the overhead in complexity and cost of using an auxiliary global navigation satellite system (GNSS) and inertial measurement unit (IMU). We derive a novel analytical approximation for the automotive SAR angle estimation error variance when the velocity is estimated by the radar. The developed analytical analysis closely predicts the true SAR angle estimation variance, and also provides insights on the effects of the radar parameters and the environment condition on the automotive SAR angle estimation error. We evaluate via the analytical analysis and simulation tests the radar settings and environment condition in which the automotive SAR attains a significant performance gain over the angular resolution of the short aperture physical antenna array. We show that, perhaps surprisingly, when the velocity is estimated by the radar the performance advantage of automotive SAR is realized only in limited conditions. Hence since its implementation comes with an increase in computation and system complexity as well as an increase in the detection delay it should be used carefully and selectively.


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