Perceptions of Smartphone Users Acceptance and Adoption of Mobile Commerce (MC) The Case of Jordan

by   Ahmad Nabot, et al.

This study investigates smartphone users perceptions of adopting and accepting Mobile Commerce (MC) based on users perceived adoption under the extended Technology Acceptance Model (TAM2) and Innovation Diffusion Theory (IDT) by providing research constructs for the domain of MC. Also, testing them with reliability and validity and demonstrating their distinctiveness with hypothesis testing. The results show that consumer intention to adopt MC on a smartphone was primarily influenced by Uncertainty Avoidance (UA), User Experience (UX), Perceived Ease Of Use (PEOU), Perceived Usefulness (PU) and Compatibility (CMP) as well as other constructs that positively determine attitude toward using a smartphone. For researchers, this study shows the benefits of adapting TAM constructs into MC acceptance on a smartphone. The perceptions of MC adoption on a smartphone in this study investigated based on a survey of specific people. For more reliability, a comprehensive study is needed to show the attitudes of people from different environments.


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