Penerapan Knowledge Management System Sales and Customer Care pada PT Satria Medikantara Palembang

by   Yandi Pranata, et al.

PT Satria Medikantara Palembang has a great desire to apply knowledge management system, therefore the documentation of knowledge and its utilization needs to be well managed in the context of performance improvement. The implementation of knowledge management in PT Satria Medikantara Palembang is considered very good and can have a positive impact for the quality of employees. Where every employee can store and document and share knowledge owned, so that other employees can access, even learn and discuss with other employees based on the knowledge posted. Then when needed a knowledge, it is very easy to find in the database searching feature in the web based knowledge management system at PT Satria Medikantara Palembang. The methodology used in this study refers to the methodology of knowledge management system life cycle developed by Awad and Ghaziri (2010), and this system will be based on web using PHP programming language.



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