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Pegadas: A Portal for Management and Activities Planning with Games and Environments for Education in Health

by   Thaise Costa, et al.

Applications for learning and training have been developed and highlighted as important tools in health education. Despite the several approaches and initiatives, these tools have not been used in an integrated way. The specific skills approached by each application, the absence of a consensus about how to integrate them in the curricula, and the necessity of evaluation tools that standardize their utilization are the main difficulties. Considering these issues, Portal of Games and Environments Management for Designing Activities in Health (Pegadas) was designed and developed as a web portal that offers the services of organizing and sequencing serious games and virtual environments and evaluating the performance of the user in these activities. This article presents the structure of Pegadas, including the proposal of an evaluation model based on learning objectives. The results indicate its potential to collaborate with human resources training from the proposal of the sequencing, allowing a linked composition of activities and providing the reinforcement or complement of tasks and contents in a progressive scale with planned educational objective-based evaluation. These results can contribute to expand the discussions about ways to integrate the use of these applications in health curricula.


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