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Pedestrian Motion Model Using Non-Parametric Trajectory Clustering and Discrete Transition Points

by   Yutao Han, et al.
cornell university

This paper presents a pedestrian motion model that includes both low level trajectory patterns, and high level discrete transitions. The inclusion of both levels creates a more general predictive model, allowing for more meaningful prediction and reasoning about pedestrian trajectories, as compared to the current state of the art. The model uses an iterative clustering algorithm with (1) Dirichlet Process Gaussian Processes to cluster trajectories into continuous motion patterns and (2) hypothesis testing to identify discrete transitions in the data called transition points. The model iteratively splits full trajectories into sub-trajectory clusters based on transition points, where pedestrians make discrete decisions. State transition probabilities are then learned over the transition points and trajectory clusters. The model is for online prediction of motions, and detection of anomalous trajectories. The proposed model is validated on the Duke MTMC dataset to demonstrate identification of low level trajectory clusters and high level transitions, and the ability to predict pedestrian motion and detect anomalies online with high accuracy.


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