Peaceable Self-Stabilizing Byzantine Pulse Synchronization

by   Shaolin Yu, et al.
NetEase, Inc

For reaching fast and efficient self-stabilizing Byzantine pulse synchronization (SSBPS) upon the bounded-delay message-passing networks, we consider the peaceable SSBPS problem where the resource occupation in the stabilized system is required to be as sparse as possible and the stabilization of the system is required to be as fast as possible. To solve it, the decoupled absorption process and emergency process are investigated under a general framework. The constant-time two-stage absorption process and more than one kind of emergency process are provided in integrating the merits of temporal trails, approximate agreements, deterministic and randomized Byzantine agreements, and self-stabilizing protocols. With this, not only SSBPS but self-stabilizing Byzantine clock synchronization can be fast established and efficiently maintained. In the optimal-resilient basic solutions, the deterministic linear stabilization time and the stabilized resource occupation are all optimized to those of the underlying primitives, which is optimal in the presence of Byzantine faults under the classical static adversary. In the hybrid solutions, faster stabilization can be expected with a worst-case deterministic stabilization time. In all solutions, the stabilized resource occupation is at most at the order of approximate agreement, which is a good property in considering real-world ultra-high-reliable hard-real-time applications where pulse synchronization is expected to be established before all upper-layer functions and to be efficiently maintained when the upper-layer functions are in service.


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