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Pay Attention to Your Tone: Introducing a New Dataset for Polite Language Rewrite

by   Xun Wang, et al.

We introduce PoliteRewrite – a dataset for polite language rewrite which is a novel sentence rewrite task. Compared with previous text style transfer tasks that can be mostly addressed by slight token- or phrase-level edits, polite language rewrite requires deep understanding and extensive sentence-level edits over an offensive and impolite sentence to deliver the same message euphemistically and politely, which is more challenging – not only for NLP models but also for human annotators to rewrite with effort. To alleviate the human effort for efficient annotation, we first propose a novel annotation paradigm by a collaboration of human annotators and GPT-3.5 to annotate PoliteRewrite. The released dataset has 10K polite sentence rewrites annotated collaboratively by GPT-3.5 and human, which can be used as gold standard for training, validation and test; and 100K high-quality polite sentence rewrites by GPT-3.5 without human review. We wish this work (The dataset (10K+100K) will be released soon) could contribute to the research on more challenging sentence rewrite, and provoke more thought in future on resource annotation paradigm with the help of the large-scaled pretrained models.


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