Pattern Recognition in SAR Images using Fractional Random Fields and its Possible Application to the Problem of the Detection of Oil Spills in Open Sea

03/07/2019 ∙ by Agustín Mailing, et al. ∙ University of Buenos Aires 0

In this note we deal with the detection of oil spills in open sea via self similar, long range dependence random fields and wavelet filters. We show some preliminary experimental results of our technique with Sentinel 1 SAR images.



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This work was funded by the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Grant. No. 20020170100266BA, CONICET and CONAE, under Project No. 5 of the Anuncio de Oportunidad para el desarrollo de aplicaciones y puesta apunto de metodologías para el área oceanográfica utlizando imágenes SAR, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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