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Pathology Synthesis of 3D Consistent Cardiac MR Im-ages Using 2D VAEs and GANs

by   Sina Amirrajab, et al.

We propose a method for synthesizing cardiac MR images with plausible heart shapes and realistic appearances for the purpose of generating labeled data for deep-learning (DL) training. It breaks down the image synthesis into label deformation and label-to-image translation tasks. The former is achieved via latent space interpolation in a VAE model, while the latter is accomplished via a conditional GAN model. We devise an approach for label manipulation in the latent space of the trained VAE model, namely pathology synthesis, aiming to synthesize a series of pseudo-pathological synthetic subjects with characteristics of a desired heart disease. Furthermore, we propose to model the relationship between 2D slices in the latent space of the VAE via estimating the correlation coefficient matrix between the latent vectors and utilizing it to correlate elements of randomly drawn samples before decoding to image space. This simple yet effective approach results in generating 3D consistent subjects from 2D slice-by-slice generations. Such an approach could provide a solution to diversify and enrich the available database of cardiac MR images and to pave the way for the development of generalizable DL-based image analysis algorithms. The code will be available at


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