Path-Based Function Embedding and its Application to Specification Mining

by   Daniel Defreez, et al.

Relationships among program elements is useful for program understanding, debugging, and analysis. One such kind of relationship is synonymous functions. Function synonyms are functions that play a similar role in code; examples include functions that perform initialization for different device drivers, and functions that implement different symmetric-key encryption schemes. Function synonyms are not necessarily semantically equivalent and can be syntactically dissimilar; consequently, approaches for identifying code clones or functional equivalence cannot be used to identify them. This paper presents func2vec, an algorithm that maps each function to a vector in a vector space such that function synonyms are grouped together. We compute the function embedding by training a neural network using sentences generated using random walks of the interprocedural control-flow graph. We show the effectiveness of func2vec in identifying function synonyms in the Linux kernel. Furthermore, we show how knowing function synonyms enables mining error-handling specifications with high support in Linux file systems and drivers.



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