PatentTransformer-2: Controlling Patent Text Generation by Structural Metadata

01/11/2020 ∙ by Jieh-Sheng Lee, et al. ∙ 0

PatentTransformer is our codename for patent text generation based on Transformer-based models. Our goal is "Augmented Inventing." In this second version, we leverage more of the structural metadata in patents. The structural metadata includes patent title, abstract, and dependent claim, in addition to independent claim previously. Metadata controls what kind of patent text for the model to generate. Also, we leverage the relation between metadata to build a text-to-text generation flow, for example, from a few words to a title, the title to an abstract, the abstract to an independent claim, and the independent claim to multiple dependent claims. The text flow can go backward because the relation is trained bidirectionally. We release our GPT-2 models trained from scratch and our code for inference so that readers can verify and generate patent text on their own. As for generation quality, we measure it by both ROUGE and Google Universal Sentence Encoder.



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