PatchPerPix for Instance Segmentation

01/21/2020 ∙ by Peter Hirsch, et al. ∙ 15

In this paper we present a novel method for proposal free instance segmentation that can handle sophisticated object shapes that span large parts of an image and form dense object clusters with crossovers. Our method is based on predicting dense local shape descriptors, which we assemble to form instances. All instances are assembled simultaneously in one go. To our knowledge, our method is the first non-iterative method that guarantees instances to be composed of learnt shape patches. We evaluate our method on a variety of data domains, where it defines the new state of the art on two challenging benchmarks, namely the ISBI 2012 EM segmentation benchmark, and the BBBC010 C. elegans dataset. We show furthermore that our method performs well also on 3d image data, and can handle even extreme cases of complex shape clusters.



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